Product Description

"Always Fresh Toothbrush"

Trust your teeth with the experts. Only 30 toothbrushes sold across the globe are approved by the American Dental Association, and The Advantage Toothbrush is one of them. Equipped with a compact brush head and a dual combination of soft and extra soft bristles, The Advantage Toothbrush is like having a dental assistant by your side every time you brush your teeth, ensuring maximum oral hygiene protection.

  • One of only 30 toothbrushes in the world approved by the American Dental Association 
  • .007” soft bristles surrounded by .006” extra soft bristles
  • Compact oval shaped brush head 
  • Clear handle with sticky rubber grip

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$ 5
  • Assorted
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Red
  • Lavender

About the Brand

We do one thing really, really well: make sure that you'll never forget to replace your toothbrush again. Ever. We like to keep it simple around here.