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to Change Your Toothbrush"

We'll mail a fresh, high quality toothbrush to your door every time you need a new one - without you having to think about it.

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How effective is your toothbrush?

Bristles that become frayed and worn with use will be less effective at cleaning teeth. The American Dental Association recommends consumers replace toothbrushes every 3 months, as cleaning effectiveness decreases with use.

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If you forget about changing your toothbrush, ToothbrushSubscriptions.com was made just for you

- Lifehacker.com

These toothbrushes are very well made. You'll never forget to swap out your toothbrushes again! That's great news for the health of you and your family's teeth

- Susan Heim, author for Chicken Soup for the Soul

How it works

Choose from our selection of high quality, American made manual toothbrushes

You Receive

Your toothbrush will be mailed to you every 1, 2, or 3 months. You set the schedule.

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Love us, or we pay for it. Never forget to change your toothbrush again.

High quality toothbrushes for the same price you pay in store. Always FREE shipping, right to your door.

Forget to Change Your Toothbrush?

We care about one thing: making your life (as a toothbrush shopper) as easy as humanely possible.

Let's face it, we forget to change our toothbrush on time. It's an easy thing to procrastinate about. A toothbrush subscription is one less thing you need to think about, one less thing you need to remember to buy, and it's one less trip to Target. It’s more hanging out on couch time and less in store shopping time.

You're going to buy a new toothbrush anyway, right? Why not have it automatically delievered to your door, just when it's time to throw your old one out? The added bonus: It's the same price you pay in store. When you factor in gas and your time, it's a no-brainer.

You're not a lazy shopper, you're a smart shopper - have your toothbrushes delivered to your door, automatically. Never forget to change your toothbrush again. We've got your back.


High Quality Toothbrushes For The Same Price You Pay in Store100% Free ShippingNever Forget to Replace Your Toothbrush AgainCancel Your Subscription as you PleaseOne Less Thing You Need to Remember to Buy. We Deliver Your Toothbrushes To Your Door, When You Need Them